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This page is an exploration of allegations that Ruben is a common Charlatan.
Take a look. Decide for yourself. Make sure that you want to associate with him.

This site was built for the sole purpose of information gathering so that Ruben can be forced to answer for his actions in a court of law. 

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We’re just people who are fed up.

We’ve all been taken advantage of.
Some of us have had part of our retirement stolen from us.
Some of us have had ideas stolen.
Some of us have simply had our lives ruined.
To him we are simply marks.

Being nice and honest got us nowhere. Our coffers are drained.
We can’t get justice on our own. As a team, we can.

Ruben is the worst kind of predator. He’s a Christian Predator.
He uses his faith to gain trust. That’s bad karma.


Understanding that one can’t trust everything that one reads on the internet. It still doesn’t hurt to know what’s ON the internet.

As a disclaimer, my lawyer says that I should say that the following are “alleged”.

So yeah… on with the story:

  1. Brian in Houston makes the following claim: “Ruben Ledesma jr Stole $3000.00 from me $10,000.00 from another person and $14,000 from another Addison, Texas Texas” LINK
  3. Pictures of Ruben Ledesma Jr.  LINK1  LINK2  LINK3   LINK4  LINK5
  4. Prior Arrest (confirming)(at least one felony?) LINK1
  5. Since Birds of a Feather Flock Together, it might be worth noting the people that Ruben calls his “Associates”. The following are most probably super great honest people and businesses. I have no doubt that these people have no idea that Ruben uses them as credibility name-drops.
    StoneBridge Capital
    Copper River Funding
    Pepe Serna
    David and Melina Montelongo
  6. Of Interest: On Probation. Plead Guilty to THEFT OF SERV >=$1,500<$20K
    Case number 296-82033-2014  LINK
  7. Of Interest: Not only does Ruben have a DBA as “The Advancement Group” (Founded 1991). But he’s also the Principle for:Business Name: RESERVA LG LLC (Founded 2013)
    Phone: (281) 995-9455 (CT) RESERVA LG LLC
    Address: 6204 TIMBERCREST TRL, SACHSE, TX 75048 (Dallas COUNTY)
    – Now, why would he do that?
  8. There are about 20 Judgments filed against someone named Ruben Ledesma. I’m sure not all of them are for “our” Ruben. I’ll add them to this list as I vet them to make sure that they are correct.
  9. Associated Addresses. He may or may not be driving vehicles registered at these addresses (Mostly Family). So watch for him using these addresses:
    – 12501 PRIMA VISTA DR, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78233-6345
    -6204 TIMBERCREST TRL, SACHSE, TX 75048-5593
    -4213 HERMOSA DR, CORPUS CHRISTI, TX 78411-4534
    -5080 SPECTRUM DR STE 1000 EAST, ADDISON, TX 75001-6444
    -936 S RIFE ST, ARANSAS PASS, TX 78336-2332
    -22706 BIRCH POINT DR, KATY, TX 77450
  10.  I was contacted last week by a minor who tells me that they’ve also done business with Ruben and he hasn’t paid them. Yes. Ripping off kids.

So much more to come.